Nipissing University is a public liberal arts university located in North Bay, Ontario. The university’s unique character is defined by its location in Northern Ontario, and a large and highly respected faculty of education.

Nipissing’s Centre for Teaching and Learningoffers degree credit distance education courses and non-credit professional development and lifelong learning courses within the Faculty of Applied & Professional Studies and the Faculty of Arts & Science.  Course offerings in a variety of subject areas are growing, and will continue to provide web-based interactive learning opportunities for students when they are away from campus.

student on a laptop

Nipissing University Academic Success Program
The objective of the Academic Skills Program is to help students fine-tune the academic skills necessary for success at university.

Nipissing University Career Counselling
Both personal and career counselling services are available through the Office of Student Development and Services during the entire year.

Nipissing University – Credit Transfer Information
A university education can expand your career options and employment opportunities, increase your earnings and provide you the satisfaction of pursuing a field of study that aligns with your interests.

Nipissing University – IT Helpdesk
Technology Services (UTS) is dedicated to assisting all members of the Nipissing University community make effective use of a wide range of information technologies.

Nipissing Library Education Centre Library
You can log into your library account, access e-resources, journals, statistics, and maps.

Nipissing University Indigenous Services
Services include academic support, budgeting/sponsorship assistance, employment and career opportunities, and much more.

Nipissing University Disability Services
Nipissing offers programs and support services to make university education a productive and rewarding experience.

Nipissing University Student Union
Supports student engagement at Nipissing University with services such as a food bank, ICIS cards, student health plan and the Safe Ride Home Program.

Nipissing University Peer Tutoring Services
Get help in a particular academic subject or skill area by pairing with fellow students who have demonstrated competence in that particular academic subject or skill area.