The tips and tricks that’ll make online learning a breeze

Looking for a few easy ways to improve your study habits and reach your goals? Our online learning experts have compiled a few tips and tricks below — and remember, you can always contact us directly for encouragement and inspiration!

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Make the most of online learning

  • Understand the course requirements
  • Create a schedule with all the deadlines (and stick to it!)
  • Communicate with your instructor through email and discussion forums when you can
  • Make contacts among your classmates, and create study groups when possible
  • Have the right hardware and software ready to go before your course begins
    • If you experience hardware or software problems during your course, you must find another way to complete the work on time
  • Break tasks into easy pieces
  • Complete all assignments neatly and clearly
  • Keep copies of everything you submit to be graded
  • If you aren’t able to meet the instructor’s requirements when it comes to exams, class meetings or other activities, let your instructor know immediately
    • Don’t wait until after the test deadline

Learn to manage your time well

  • Make time every day to work on your courses
  • Make a to-do list
  • Read your lesson the first day it is available

Ask questions

  • Read the course introduction carefully to find out how and when you should ask questions
    • Some instructors will ask you to post all questions to a class discussion forum while others will ask you to email them directly or post them privately
  • Get help early
    • If you’re having problems, don’t wait to ask for help (the longer you wait the bigger the problem becomes)
  • The first person to contact is your instructor
    • If they can’t answer your question, they can direct you to someone who can