The Université de l’Ontario français (UOF) is an innovative organization that shines in a predominantly English-speaking world. Located in Toronto, the Université de l’Ontario français offers an education exclusively in French, a definite asset for employers looking for bilingual or even multilingual staff!

The UOF offers students a positive learning experience throughout their time at the university, from the moment they are admitted to the university until they enter the workforce. Students get to experience:

  • teaching and learning activities (face-to-face and distance learning courses, internships, professional workshops, field trips)
  • training programs (academic excellence, coherence between courses, relevance to employment opportunities and societal needs)
  • services offered by the university (individualised follow-up, work spaces, documentary resources, health and well-being, professional networking)

UOF Student Association
Getting involved in student life is a way to take your place within the University and to develop a feeling of belonging to your study program and to the UOF.

The Université de l’Ontario français – Student Success Centre (SSC)
The Student Success Centre (SSC) is a one-stop shop for all services related to learning support and university life.

Education at the Université de l’Ontario français
At the Université de l’Ontario français, the student experience is at the heart of the educational process. Whether in the courses themselves or in the training programs, everything is done to promote the development of skills by students.

The Learning and Innovation Hub of the UOF
The Carrefour offers a dynamic, interactive and immersive environment that operates both virtually and physically on the UOF campus in Toronto.