Online learning has become a very popular way for students to further their education, but with so many resources available, it can be overwhelming to navigate the options. To make things easier, we’ve curated a list of resources from the websites of Ontario’s 24 colleges, 25 universities and 9 Indigenous Institutes, providing a comprehensive guide to help you study online successfully. The resources range from what to expect with online learning to study tips and tricks, time management advice, technology tools, mental health resources and more — all designed to ensure you have everything you need to succeed. Whether you’re just starting your online education journey or are a seasoned distance learner, this list of resources will give you the support you need to achieve your academic goals.

Name of Institution Type of InstitutionDepartmentResource NameTypeDescriptionLink
AlgomaUniversityStudent SuccessNote Taking OnlineVideoNote taking isn't about capturing the PowerPoint slide. It’s about capturing the extra information that’s not in the slide deck. This workshop covers the importance of note taking online and provides strategies for note-taking success.Click here
Algonquin CollegeCollegeContent HubEssential Tips for Online LearnersArticleThese tricks and tips will help online learners stay focused and on task to succeed.Click here
Algonquin CollegeCollegeStudent SuccessWell-being and the Online EnvironmentGuideTips for supporting both student and faculty well-being virtually.Click here
Brock UniversityUniversityCentre for Pedagogical InnovationStrategies for Success in Online LearningWebsite with PDFsDocuments available for download and sharing to help students prepare for learning online include best practices for remote online learning, tips for success in remote and online learning, and snapshot tips for online learning v7.Click here
Canadore CollegeCollegeAcademic Centre of ExcellenceHow to Survive College - Some tips to help you alongGuideTips include how to achieve success academically, socially and financially.Click here
Carleton UniversityUniversityCarleton OnlineOnline Learning ResourcesWebsite with textOnline courses offer flexibility and convenience, but they also present unique challenges that traditional face-to-face courses do not. This website shares resources to help students succeed, including navigating online courses, learning strategies and best practices, time management, the learning space, interaction and engagement, and more.Click here
Centennial College
CollegeStudent SuccessOnline Learning ToolkitWebsite with text and videosOnline learning advice covers: optimize your brain for learning, sleeping tips for learning, time management tips, study space tips, tips to avoid distractions, tips to engage online content before class, tips to engage online content during class, tips to engage online content after class and tips for assignments.Click here
Centennial CollegeCollegeStudent SuccessOnline Learning TipsVideoCentennial College Learning Strategist Joanne Dominico shares three strategies to become a better online learner. She outlines the key differences between online versus traditional in-person classes, how the flexibility of online can be both an opportunity and a challenge, and how to stay on top of studies.Click here
College Libraries OntarioCollegeLearning Online HubWebsite with text, videos and quizzesThis resource hub covers some strategies and tools that ca help students be successful learning online, including support with motivation, help using new technology, and techniques for effective studying.Click here
Conestoga CollegeCollegeConestoga OnlineOnline Learning TipsWebsite with text and videosStudy tips cover why you should take notes, how to organize and take notes, staying on pace, studying with spaced practice and more.Click here
Fanshawe CollegeCollegeStudent SuccessLearning to Learn OnlineSelf-paced course (free)This resource helps learners prepare for online learning success by introducing them to the online learning environment and their role as a learner within it.Click here
First Nations Technical InstituteIndigenous InstituteEnrolment Management & Student ServicesGuide to Virtual Learning EtiquettePDF HandoutThese recommendations cover student engagement during live classes online (via video conferencing tools).Click here
Fleming CollegeCollegeLibraryLearning Success Toolkit: Skills & StrategiesModules: video and textThis module contains helpful tips and effective learning strategies geared to the online environment, including managing your time, reading, studying the material you need to know, and navigating your online assignments. It also contains some tools and tips to be aware of to stay well mentally and physically.Click here
George Brown CollegeCollegeStudent SuccessAre you ready for Online Learning?MicrositeTools and resources to become a successful online learner are featured in this microsite.Click here
Georgian CollegeCollegeStudent AdvisingHow to prepare for an online testArticleTaking a test can be stressful at the best of times, but there are some additional things to consider when taking a test online. This resource lists tips to help students do well on their next online test or exam.Click here
Humber CollegeCollegeCareer CentreOnline Learning ResourcesWebsite with PDFs, videos and textResources include tips for online learning, an online learning readiness quiz, student learning kit and more.Click here
Lakehead UniversityUniversityStudent SuccessOnline Learning Webinar - How to be a Successful LearnerWebinarGet useful tips and tricks to be a successful online learner.Click here
Lambton CollegeCollegeOnline EducationGuide to Online Learning for StudentsSelf-paced course (free)In this eBit mini-course, students learn to employ learning strategies that successful online learners use, including how to create a positive and efficient workspace, tactics for staying motivated and meeting goals, and skills for managing time and creating structure.Click here
Lambton CollegeCollegeOnline EducationTips for SuccessArticleThese tips help students plan and prepare for the start of their course to ensure success at the end of it.Click here
Loyalist CollegeCollegeStudent SuccessResources for Online LearningWebsite with links to PDFsThis is a list of helpful resources to support students with their online learning.Click here
McMaster UniversityUniversityUniversity Technology ServicesOnline Learning SupportWebsite with PDFs, videos and textThis webpage is the place to find information, guidance, tips, tools and resources to support students’ academic performance online.Click here
Michener InstituteCollegeLearning Resource CollaboratoryRemote Learning TipsArticleOnline learning tips include relying on routines, finding a quiet place to work and a knowledge of how you work best with less structure than usual.Click here
Mohawk CollegeCollegeStudent SuccessTips for learning in a virtual and remote environmentText/YouTube VideoThis toolkit helps prepare learners for the online learning environment, with tips on academic integrity, study habits, time management and motivation.Click here
Niagara CollegeCollegeCentre for Academic ExcellenceNetiquette Tips for Online ClassroomsGuideThis document outlines proper online etiquette (“netiquette”) for students to help encourage a respectful online learning environment.Click here
Ogwehoweh Skills and Trades Training CentreIndigenous InstituteKayanase (in partnership with OSTTC)Tips for Online LearningArticleAlthough learning remotely enables students to learn and work from home, it can be challenging to stay focused, keep organized and separate schoolwork from your home life. This article features helpful tips to help you adapt to online learning.Click here
Ontario Tech UniversityUniversityStudent SuccessStudy Skills for Online LearningWebsite with text and videoTransitioning from the traditional classroom to online learning is no easy task, especially if students have never taken an online course. Many university students are accustomed to working independently, but online courses take self-directed learning to a whole new level. Although it may be a newer method of learning, taking courses online can benefit the average student in many ways. It can be less intensive because students have the choice to work at their own pace. It also helps improve self-discipline, which is sure to translate to other areas of life.Click here
Queen's UniversityUniversityStudent Academic ServicesTips for Success in Online LearningInfographicThis guide is an introduction to the keys to success in online courses.Click here
Seneca PolytechnicCollegeLearning CentreTools for Online LearningWebsiteThis guide lists resources to help online learners succeed. It includes a self-assessment and links to the Learning Online Hub.Click here
Sheridan CollegeCollegeLibraryStudent Online Learning ModuleSelf-Paced Course (free)These modules help learners discover everything they need to know about managing their time effectively, taking notes, developing a resilient mindset and strategies for studying and test taking.Click here
Toronto Metropolitan UniversityUniversityStudent SuccessStudying Online Learning ResourcesWebsite with PDFs, videos and textOnline learning requires the same amount of time and effort as an in-class course. This guide features tip sheets and videos.Click here
Trent UniversityUniversityAcademic and Learning SupportHow to Learn Online - Resources for Online LearningWebsite with videos and textThis collection of how-to guides can help students be successful in their online courses. Students can find advice on getting started, staying organized, focused, and motivated, and engaging with course materials.Click here
University of GuelphUniversityStudent SuccessMotivation for Online LearningArticleFinding and maintaining motivation to study when you are alone can be challenging at any time. Practical and proven strategies for helping to keep motivated when studying online are included in this resource.Click here
University of OttawaUniversityTelfer Career CentreFour Study Tips to Prepare for Online ExamsArticleWhen students are faced with the new challenge of writing online exams, the change may be unsettling. But with enough preparation, students can learn to make the most of their new reality. The four tips in this article will help prepare students for online exams.Click here
University of OttawaUniversityTelfer Career Centre3 tips to help you master note taking for online classesArticleMastering the art of efficient note taking means finding a strategy that works and a system that prevents information loss. With classes being held online, this can become more challenging. Here are three tips to help students master note taking for online classes.Click here
University of OttawaUniversityTelfer Career CentreBest Practices for Virtual LearningPDF HandoutIf learning in a virtual environment is new to some learners, a new mindset could be in order. The tips in this guide are designed to set students up for success as they embark on online learning.Click here
University of TorontoUniversityOntario Institute for Studies in EducationOnline Learning ResourcesWebsite with text, images & videosThis series of blog posts helps learners understand online formats, prepare for a unique online learning experience and explore student expectations.Click here
University of TorontoUniversityDigital Learning InnovationGetting Ready for OnlineArticleThis resource has been developed to introduce students to tips and strategies for online learning success. It includes a digital skills and technical requirements check, and helps students who are asking: How can I prepare to be successful? What can I do to make a strong start? Over the semester how do I stay motivated and track my progress?Click here
University of TorontoUniversityInternational Foundation Program9 Tips to Level Up Your Online LearningArticleThis blog article outlines tips for staying productive during online classes. It covers setting up a workspace that is comfortable, quiet and free of distractions; engaging in class discussions; tracking what has been completed; setting up a routine that works; communicating with family and household members; connecting with instructors and staff; breaking down goals into mini-goals; scheduling self-care time; and balancing all of these tips. The article emphasizes the importance of finding what works best for an individual student, and not trying to do too much too soon.Click here
University of WaterlooUniversityRenison English Language InstituteOnline Learning Strategies: Tips and tricks to help you learn wellArticleTips from the Centre for Extended Learning's Getting Ready to Learn Online module has been adapted for English language learners.Click here
University of WaterlooUniversityThe Centre for Extended LearningGetting Ready to Learn OnlineSelf-Paced Course (free)This course helps students learn how to make the most of their online course and how to succeed as an online learner.Click here
Western UniversityUniversityAcademic and Learning SupportTips for Excelling OnlineArticleOnline learning tips to help students succeed in the virtual classroom include time management, staying organized, eliminating distractions, the importance of participation and more.Click here
Wilfrid Laurier UniversityUniversityStudent SuccessThe Balancing Act: 10 Strategies for Successful Online LearningArticleToday’s technology has made online education highly effective and accessible, extending the reach of university programs to working professionals with career advancement aspirations. Since students can continue to work full-time and manage other obligations, flexibility is one of the key benefits of non-traditional higher education. This balancing act, however, requires extra attention to time management strategies for online students. Recognizing that there are still only 24 hours in a day, this blog article offers 10 practical strategies for successful online learning.Click here
York UniversityUniversityStudent Success & Program AdvisingStudent Guide to Remote and Online LearningGuideThis guide has been created to help students find the resources and supports to successfully navigate online learning.Click here