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Nancy Charlebois

Both on a personal level and with her management team at work, Nancy Charlebois has discovered many study opportunities through Contact North | Contact Nord.

“I am a huge advocate for Contact North because of the amazing impact it has had on my life — not only my work life, but my personal life, and my church family has been impacted!”

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Contact North | Contact Nord increases the number of underserved Ontario residents who take online programs and courses from Ontario’s colleges, universities, Indigenous institutes, and other providers while remaining in their community. We recruit and provide free support services to students in 1,500+ communities, in person at locations across the province, or by phone, email, live chat or virtually.

“I’m a huge advocate of Contact North”

Nancy Charlebois is an enthusiastic student who is deeply grateful for the teambuilding and personal growth opportunities she found through Contact North | Contact Nord. Read Nancy’s story, in her own words. 

“Hello. I have been a student of Contact North | Contact Nord since December 2021! The resources I have received throughout that time are extraordinary.

I am a huge advocate for Contact North because of the amazing impact it has had on my life. Not only my work life, but my personal life, and my church family has been impacted!

With my management team at work, we were able to connect online and have a video conference call with three other people from Contact North, to talk about what education options were out there not only for our management team but us to pass on to our staff. An example is we had the opportunity to go through some amazing courses regarding grief and loss and how to manage other employees through that which was such a blessing as it not only helped my management team but how we interacted with our staff through this pandemic. This was an amazing team building opportunity for our company but also informative and crucial as most of my team was able to personally get connected for education, they could do not only utilize for work but for their personal lives too.

In my personal life my husband and I have taken courses from Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Indigenous Culture that were offered LIVE with Good Learning Anywhere, to various webinars opportunities for Autism and Adoption! Several women from my church got together to participate in the Personality Dimensions Workshop that was offered and that was an awesome experience to go through and I could see amazing benefits for companies and organizations that could utilize how to understand their team members and how to use each other’s strengths in the organization for team building and work efficiency.

I also have had the privilege to come to the center to use the XR headsets with the immersive link career videos! This was such an awesome way to see and learn first-hand on different career paths people could take.

Recently I learned about the Georgian College’s Upskill Tourism, specifically the Managers and Aspiring Leaders micro-certificate. I did not know micro-certificates existed and I just submitted my application for it this week! I would not have known about this opportunity if it wasn’t for my connection with Contact North.

I also want to give a huge thank you for all your hard work you do day in and out for people, to not only better themselves and their families, but for our community by simply caring and reaching out with various opportunities that people wouldn’t easily know about anywhere else. You also push through barriers by not allowing them to get in the way by offering laptops to those in need. You are such a blessing to many people.

Thank you.”